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Newsflash International 09: Are we witnessing the rise of a superpower?

Pinterest looks to be challenging Google+ to the ‚Social Media Latecomer’s‘ award. With well establish social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Flickr, the...
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Newsflash International 08: Smashing Tech Records

All the talk this week has been about Facebook’s IPO which looks set to smash tech company records when it launches, providing the social...
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Newsflash International 07: Revenge served cold on Twitter

Twitter formed the field of battle for McDonald’s this week as a hashtag campaign burnt them worse than a fresh McDonald’s apple pie. It’s...
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Newsflash International 06: The Power of Social Media Today

With no announcements of bumper new features being rolled out for any of the social networks this weekend, the blogging world has had time...
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Newsflash International 05: The Google vs Twitter stand-off escalates

Google+’s latest added features have done nothing to repair the rift that exists between Google and their social media competitor, Twitter. Many have said...
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Newflash International 04: An Unlikely Source for the latest Social Network

Predictions for 2012’s social media progress provided bloggers and experts worldwide with scope for investigation for the previous few months. Now that the new...
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Newsflash International 03: Is 2012 Google’s year?

Since Google+ launched in the summer last year, it has been at the centre of most speculation regarding the future of Social Media. Only...
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Newsflash International 02: Christmas Campaigns and Review of 2011

With video for online predicted to grow considerably in 2012, early bloomers have taken it upon themselves to provide us with festive viral videos....
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NewsFlash International 01: Social Media Facelift

This week saw the latest platform revamp in Twitter’s total overhaul of their Social Network. But why is there a sudden emphasis on looks?...
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