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Newsflash International 08: Smashing Tech Records

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All the talk this week has been about Facebook’s IPO which looks set to smash tech company records when it launches, providing the social network super giant with cash enough to propel the company to even dizzier heights, or so we expect. Looking at the details it is easy to see why there has been so much hype.

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How Facebook Really Stacks Up Against Pre-IPO Google

Tech Crunch You can hardly fail to have heard that Facebook is about to launch it’s IPO (Initial Public Offerings), news agencies across the world are falling over each other in preparation to break the story when it eventually happens. TechCrunch takes a look at the projected figures that Facebook look to raise against Google’s move in 2004. With Facebook predicting to gather a massive $100 billion – it’s set to be the biggest tech IPO in history. TechCrunch has the details.

Amongst all the talk this week about predictions for Facebook’s IPO, the Megaupload saga goes on. For many millions of users worldwide, the faceless file sharing site now has a face which, to be honest, is a pretty odd one. Kim Dotcom is the site’s founder, who’s rockstar lifestyle is unlike most tech CEO’s.

The Strange and Epic Lifestyle of Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom

Mashable No matter what your personal views are about Megaupload, the story of Kim Dotcom, the file sharing site’s founder, is epic. He legally changed his surname from Schmitz to Dotcom. He paid $500,000 to the City of Aukland to put on a 2011 New Year’s firework display, which he saw from a private helicopter, and amongst many other things, he was also the #1 ranked player on Modern Warfare 3…


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Heinekan Serenade for Valentine’s Day

Heinekan An innovative look at combining a viral video campaign with e-cards. Heinekan utilize the power of Facebook apps to allow users to create any one of 640 variations of a  musical valentine’s video to send to their loved one. It can be as crazy or as sentimental as you prefer – though they are all delivered by a particularly unhinged looking out of work singer jumping about manically to whatever lyrics you choose for him.


Brand Savant This article could just as easily be, ‚The Venn Diagram That Could Save Your Business‘ as it is not all bad news. This post engages with the time-old message that knowing your audience can make or break your business. In this case, it is identifying your core brand followers who also talk about you on social networks. Engaging with this group can be incredibly rewarding for a company, so long as you know who they are.

The Explosive Power of the Retweet Revealed by Twitter

Jeff Bulla Twitter have rolled out a new feature which will help marketers and dedicated tweeters worldwide get an idea of what makes certain tweets more successful. Until now you could only see the number of retweets up to a maximum of 50 – anything more was seen as 50+. Now we can see the exact number – combined with a powerful little tool called TwitSprout which provides you with a list of your most successful tweets, gathering information has become that much easier.

Mark Zuckerberg’s 6 Ingredients For Success

Tech Crunch Ambition, Vision, Determination, Execution, Luck and Timing. That’s all you need to gain as much success as Mark Zuckerberg has with Facebook. This article delves into not just the chronological history of Facebook’s rise to prominence on the social network stage, but also analyses Mark’s other characteristics taken from examples of interviews he has given in the past on the subject. Fanciful and factual – pure inspirational writing from TechCrunch for entrepreneurs and business owners out there.

2012 Facebook IPO Price Projection [Infographic]

Anson Alex A visual aide to get a clearer picture of what Facebook’s IPO means and what effect it will have on the business world.

Image source: Flickr(Andrew Feinberg, shawncampbell)

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