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Newflash International 04: An Unlikely Source for the latest Social Network

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Predictions for 2012’s social media progress provided bloggers and experts worldwide with scope for investigation for the previous few months. Now that the new year is here and the time for retrospect over 2011 has passed, commentators worldwide have turned their attention to the smaller details of the here and now, with one surprising piece of news appearing from Warner Bros.

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Warner Bros set to launch its own photo sharing service, Out My Window

The Next Web Insider Warner Bros are set to launch a new photo sharing service for mobile devices TODAY. This has certainly swept in under the radar of most but Out My Window, as it is named, appears to want to capture life as it happens all around us every day. There are very few indications as yet what the included features will be but The Next Web Insider understands that users will be able to make purchases of photos through the site. Check out and watch this space.

The Scary Concept of Long Term Vision

Danny Brown Setting anything as a ‚Long Term‘ goal is a scary thing to do because it is a leap of faith. Danny offers some words of wisdom possibly to comfort those of us who are worried where this year might lead. Encouragingly he reminds us that the big successes in social media today began with failures – a pretty general statement but it holds merit nonetheless. The undertone of this piece could be summed up as: 2012 may hold challenges and uncertainties, but just hold on tight.

Social Media Guilt Trip: 10 Ways Networks Try to Make You Stay

Mashable Have you ever tried to delete a social network account? Of course not, but if you were to try, you would find yourself face to face with the ingeniously designed guilt trips which aim to change your mind at the very last minute. Facebook seems to make it impossible to ever permanently delete your account, Twitter begins to email you like a spurned lover, Google+ will bamboozle you with what your missing out on and Tumblr presents a cool, but annoyed, robot.

Ford’s Jim Farley on the importance of putting your brand in the hands of customers

Brian Solis Businesses, including Ford, need to engage customers in a more human and genuine manner. That’s one of the points made by Jim Farley, Ford’s Group Vice President, Global Marketing, Sales and Service during a live on-stage interview with Brian at Blogworld Expo in Los Angeles. A concept that has been growing for several years now, and looks certain to continue through 2012, the advice here is applicable to companies of all sizes.


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Don’t Like Your Klout Score? Here’s How To Do An End Run

Brand Expert Forget Klout and start thinking about real influence. That’s the advice according to this post. By real influence the post actually refers to Pinterest – a site that many are tracking to see whether it really takes off or remains a niche network. Pinterest currently admits new members by ‚invitation‘ only – though not in a Google+ Beta way, merely you have to wait a week or so for an email confirmation. Brands should be looking to sites like this rather than turning their Twitter stream into a worthless torrent of keywords.

3 New Tools for Promoting Your Interests

Mashable Looking for a new way to promote your company’s interests? Mashable have collected a few gems which they believe could do just that, including: SeeJoeRock: A Musician’s Free Community which ‚Bridges the gap between unsigned musicians and professionals in the music industry‘, StereoPill: web application that creates crowd-sourced music playlists, and finally, Juxtapost: which organizes photos of all your favorite things, side by side, onto your own post board.

Online Marketing News: Google+ Who?, Know Thy Customer, Social Media Law, TopRank Team News

Top Rank Round-up of the week’s social media news, plus some hints and tips for brand marketing online. Also included are two articles relating to the crucial topic of audiences – How Well Do You Know Your Audience? If you are looking for your audience on Google+ there’s a handy infographic detailing the average user.

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Who do you predict to become big players by the end of 2012? Write suggestions below!

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