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Newsflash International 03: Is 2012 Google’s year?

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Since Google+ launched in the summer last year, it has been at the centre of most speculation regarding the future of Social Media. Only one thing is certain – that opinions are divided on the matter. However, 2012 looks set to be a key year for Google in its ventures. This blog focuses on Google as it exists today and what may shape decisions made in 2012.

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Why Google Has the Hammer To Make Businesses Use Google+

Social Media Today Part One of the Top 6 blog posts for 2011, this post takes an in-depth look at Google+ in its strategy and use for business. For anyone in any doubt that Google+ should be taken seriously, this article surely puts those doubts to bed. The sheer volume of features, each one with the potential to kill off rival ventures, means Google+ will be powerful and dynamic. There’s also a good explanation for why the concoction of social media and search engine is a lethal mix.

Nearly 20 Million People Read Google’s Blog In 2011; @Google Now Has 4 Million Twitter Followers

Techcrunch Google is one of the World’s most prolific corporate bloggers out there, posting a total of 471 blogs in 2011. Techcrunch takes a look at the stats released by Google indicating the posts that have drawn the most visitors to their blog, including 1,731,280 views of their 10th year September 11th anniversary post, followed by the announcement of Google+, drawing just short of a million hits. Google’s favour of blogs rather than press releases proves to be an excellent policy.

Forecast for 2012: Google engineer predicts hi-tech boost to UK high street

The Digital Content Blog by The Guardian takes a look at the potential Google has for stimulating sales on the high street. David Singleton, a lead engineer at Google, reveals interesting information about the relation between spending on the internet versus physical cash transactions in shops. According to his analysis, for every £1 spent online, the internet influences £3 spent in stores. His prediction for 2012 is a massive growth in relationship between online research and high-street shopping.

Google+ Hangout Highlights: 2012 Predictions

Mashable Comments and predictions from the people pioneering the use of Google+’s Hangout’s feature, which has been hailed one of the greatest achievements of the blossoming social network so far. If you haven’t used the feature yourself yet, this video gives an idea of what your missing out on.


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Social media in 2011, and 2012

Troy Media Hailing Google+ as the search engine’s long awaited answer to a social media network following previous failed attempts – this post looks back at predictions made for 2011 as well as suggesting new ones for 2012, including: business and media will really start to take advantage of trans-media web publishing, Content producers will become content distributors and Network and cable TV will be just fine for a good long while – dispelling predictions that internet TV is set to dominate the market.

Typical Android User is Anything But Typical [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mashable The people at Bluestacks, makers of an app player that lets users run Android apps on Windows PCs, have created an infographic for our pleasure, based on responses from their 145,000 Facebook fans. The result – is someone you would likely run a mile from if you happened to meet them in the street.

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