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Newsflash International 25: Facebook and Yahoo shake hands on mega deal

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Facebook appear to be unable to go a week without grabbing headlines for one reason or another. Many Yahoo investors were hoping for a huge cash payout from Facebook over patents, but what they’ve got instead is perhaps something much more valuable. This advertising and patent deal paves the way for the two web giants formidable partnership for years to come.

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Yahoo and Facebook Confirm Deal To Cross-License Their Patent Portfolios, Sell Ads Together

TechCrunch Facebook and Yahoo! have had a fractious relationship over the years. Their recent fallout over patents as been a costly one for both sides, with the motivation unclear from Yahoo! – many suggesting that they were hoping for a big payout from Facebook pre-IPO. Now, though, they are best buddies having formed a web partnership to be rivalled with. They can no longer sue each other for patent violation and will work closely together to offer mega advertising opportunities to brands around the world. Good news for investors!

Yahoo Implies It Can Still Shake Down Facebook For Patent Money. Bloody Unlikely

TechCrunch In a classic power struggle relationship, although the fight is over Yahoo! wants to let everyone know ‚We won!‘ though I’m not sure that the rest of the world believes them. This article from TechCrunch highlights the technicalities of the deal between the two giants. Perhaps these comments are the result of those left disappointed by not cashing in on a part of the Facebook pie.

Google+ Hangouts Get Closed Captioning, Transcripts

Mashable Hangouts has long been championed as Google+’s most impressive feature and this week saw an additional app which extends its use even further. Although it isn’t yet automated – Hangout Captions allows a conversation to be transcribed in real-time, allowing people to join in with conversations without sounds a necessity, particularly useful for deaf users. What other functionality would you like to see given to Hangouts?

Sum-up on Facebook’s Recently Launched Features

Mindjumpers Facebook has rolled out so many new features during the past few months that it can be quite a challenge keeping up with them all. Luckily we don’t have to as the lovely people at Mindjumpers have posted a summary of what they are and what they do. So, remind yourself of: Facebook Offers, Terms and Policy Hub, Assign Admin Roles, Switch Region, Schedule Updates, Reach Data on Timeline Posts, Promote Posts and Mobile Reach Data.

A Fascinating New Trend

Six Pixels of Separation Proving that the internet is much more visual than textual, Memes are one of the biggest trends currently across social networks. In this post, Six Pixels picks up on the fact that a growing trend on Facebook (and on Pinterest I might add!) is for images containing inspirational quotes. Identifying trends such as this can be key to your marketing plan, and if you can incorporate it successfully the benefits could be huge.

Infographic: How To Determine Facebook and Twitter ROI

Social Media Explorer ‚Businesses are in business to drive more revenue and decrease costs.‘ This is a simple statement of business understanding, but one that can quite often be forgotten when dealing with social media. As is pointed out in this excellent article, executives do not need to understand the processes of marketing on social networks, but they are interested in the final results – increased revenue. This infographic goes some way to redefining ROI for social media marketing.

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