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Newsflash International 22: IPO over, what next for Facebook?

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Not content with turning 28, breaking records with Facebook’s IPO and becoming the 29th richest man in the world, Mark Zuckerberg thought it the perfect week to also spring a surprise wedding. With all these major headline-grabbing events now completed, what’s the next move for Facebook?

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4 Strategic Areas Where Facebook Must Invest Post-IPO

Brian Solis Facebook’s record-breaking IPO is a monumental achievement, but if the social giant wants to continue to dominate and break new records in the future, Brian believes there are four main areas in which they need to focus. 1: Mobile, time spent on Facebook via mobile devices now exceeds that of traditional desktops. 2: Social search, don’t try to compete with Google’s traditional search. 3: Relevance, making sure Facebook is ‚in‘. 4: Building and Shipping, the creative development of it’s structures.

Marketing Lessons Startups Need to Learn from Google’s Project Glass Concept Video

Tech Crunch Google took a big gamble with the release of their Project Glass concept video, as the product itself is still years away from production. However, the positives of the move far outweigh the negatives, and if your company can fulfil the criteria set out in this article by Tech Crunch, perhaps a concept video would be of benefit for your brand, audience and development.


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The Disrupt 2012 NYC Hackathon Is Officially On!

Tech Crunch Hundreds of hopefuls every year attend the Hackathon hoping to break into the big-time. If you’re unsure of what exactly goes on at this event, and why it is such a big deal, this post from Tech Crunch is the place to start. It’s a mad 24 hour team coding competition under strict guidelines and pressure. Caffeine fueled arguments are often followed by beer-swilling make-ups. And at the end some truly inspired work could land on our phones and computers in the near future.

English Premier League: The Social Media Season

Mashable This season’s Premier league was the most socially active in its history. Often criticised for it’s out of date approach to social, clubs, players and fans have all embraced social networks to good, or bad, ends. Across all clubs, 17 million new Facebook fans were added and 126% increase in Twitter followers. My favourite use was Queens Park Rangers owner Tony Fernandes using Twitter to ask fans which players they wanted the club to acquire.

Impact of Technological Skills on New Media Journalists

Soshable ‘Journalists on Facebook’ page and ‚Twitter for Newsrooms’ (#TfN) are the product of a growing trend amongst New Media Journalists who source, conduct and publish their stories via social media. Although this ground-breaking approach opens the way for otherwise impossible or unheard stories to reach us, Soshable predicts the pitfall to avoid will be sloppy journalism based on rumour. With this trend alive and growing, there is potential for companies to interact with journalists directly.

Facebook Approaches 500 Million Mobile Users – Infographic

Jeff Bulla Facebook understands the importance of mobile, so says Jeff Bulla in this article. With the acquisition of Instagram and Lightbox it’s fairly obvious to determine that social, mobile apps are where Facebook envisages trends continuing to build. This article goes some way to explaining why, highlighting the saturation of Facebook users in developed countries and identifying where more users could be found.

Douglas Ackerman Als Gastautor im PR-Blogger tätig.

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