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Newsflash International 16: Google fools the world again.

Another April Fool’s day has come and passed, leaving behind it a new trail of delighted and distraught Internet users worldwide. You might say it was bad timing for Facebook to choose the day before April Fool’s to officially launch Timeline, knowing that this event is dominated by Google year-on-year. They didn’t let us down this year either.

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Google’s April Fools’ Day Prank: 8-Bit Google Maps

Mashable Google’s latest prank on the world: an ‚updated‘ version of Google Maps in 8-Bit – the same as used on many popular consoles 15 or 20 years ago. Far from being a real prank, the stunt seems to have sparked widespread nostaligia, especially from among Reddit users who immediately began populating the map with ‚easter eggs‘ in the form of landmarks with odd additions. Look out for the Yeti on Everest.

Facebook Considers Adding The Hate Button

TechCrunch Although this April Fool’s article is one of the least convincing, it has struck a nerve with thousands of Facebook users who desperately want the ability to ‚hate‘ as well as ‚like‘. The comments board below the article is even more entertaining as readers have taken to suggesting what they would ‚hate‘ if they could. There’s also a growing list of what you would both ‚like‘ and ‚hate‘ at the same time…

The Reddit Timeline Takes Us To The Future

Soshable I can only fathom that this is an April Fool’s gag, as predicting events years in the future is quite a tall order. Time will tell, though if in 2013 ‚Ron Paul won and is (will be) doing an “Ask Me Anything” with the Reddit community‘ turns out to be true, then we will have witnessed the emergence of Social Media and the occult. Quite an exciting prospect!

April Fools 2012: We Ruin Every (Tech-Related) Joke On The Internets

TechCrunch Categorized from the downright dastardly to the outright obvious, TechCrunch have compiled a list of all the current pranks online released for April Fool’s day. It might be worth taking a look down the list just to ensure that you’re not caught out at work believing in a myth. Hopefully this list isn’t itself a joke – that would be too tricky to figure out… Assuming its real, my favourite is glasses for dogs:

April Fools’ Day Classics: Top 10 Viral Pranks on YouTube

Mashable April Fool’s day can be hilarious for the observer and heart-wrenching for the victim. Seemingly every year Google tries to pull the wool over the eyes of the world one way or another. Compiled on Mashable is a top 10 classic viral pranks played on Youtube over the years, including the classic explanation of how exactly Google autocompletes your searches:

Facebook Timeline: What Are the Changes for Brand Pages?

Top Rank Blog Nobody can ignore Facebook Timeline any longer. As of Friday, Timeline for Facebook pages is now officially live. Thousands of company had the jump on the announcement, secretly developing their new brand pages behind closed doors until launch on Friday. The is no better time than now for your company to get to grips with the changes – this article from Top Rank Blog should set you straight with the new editable areas opened up for your creative marketing genius.

Why Can’t Social Marketers Ignore Pinterest Any Longer?

Soshable A week wouldn’t be complete with some kind of mention of Pinterest, although I’m appalled that it isn’t April Fool’s related. Come on chaps – Pinterest would have been great for it! On a more serious note, Pinterest continues to climb in active users and so also in marketing value. The question is not whether your business is suitable for Pinterest, but more ‚How can your business best use Pinterest?‘ This infographic should get you started.