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Newsflash International 20: Avoiding the traffic jam

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So many facts and figures about clicks through from content posted on Pinterest vs that on Facebook has naturally lead us all to believe that these numbers are the holy grail of social media marketing. While increasing traffic to your site can never be a bad thing, is it really the be-all-and-end-all?

Eck Kommunikation is a German company, founded by Klaus Eck, which specialises in Online Reputation Management, as well as in Social Media strategies and structures for businesses. The PR-Blogger regularly offers insights into current Social Media developments, news and trends, as well as Eck Kommunikation’s expert’s analyses of topical Social Media issues.

The Most Overrated Social Media Metric

Convince and Convert Worrying too much about the numbers of traffic being driven to your website from social media efforts can detract from the overall success of your campaign. Convince and Convert explains that while receiving visitors to your site is good, what is more interesting is what they do when they get there. Behavioural study is the key to success. Something he says is especially important to remember when embarking on Pinterest.

FBI Wants Wiretap-Ready Social Networks Soon [VIDEO]

Mashable Traditional laws and practices allowing the FBI among other agencies to tap into phone calls has become outdated, so they say. The only way to re-correct this problem is for social networking sites to re-work their code to allow easier surveillance.

Social Media Monuments: Is Zuckerberg the New Steve Jobs?

Soshable The world is searching tirelessly to replace the vacuum left by the death of Steve Jobs. He was a pioneer and maverick genius. Soshable suggests that Zuckerberg, with his huge influence and appearance in the public eye makes him a candidate for this role in our lives. Do you agree?

Here’s the Best Time to Share on Pinterest

Mashable Infuriatingly for social media managers or dedicated weekday workers, the best time to publish on Pinterest is actually Saturday morning. Wondering what exactly makes the best content to share? Hilary Mason, Bitly’s chief scientist says, “Creating things that people want to tie into their identity is the best way to make them spread.”

Hachi Combines LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Google Into One, Lets You Search All Your Connections At Once

Tech Crunch Hachi is an ingenious tool for targeting your networking, gaining a foot in the door or just doing some good old fashioned snooping around. Using some very clever operations it aggregates information about your personal contact group and their extended network using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google. It also plots a path for the route to contacting somebody new. Amazing!

How Instagram Took America by Storm [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mashable One billion photos have been uploaded on Instagram, the photo social networking site bought for Facebook for $1 billion. It’s also set to reach 100 million users a mere 2 years after its launch. This infographic charts the meteoric rise of Instagram.

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