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Newsflash International 19: Is CISPA anti-social?

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It’s difficult to look at CISPA without the shadow of SOPA looming over it. The fear is not that it is a bad idea in theory, but that it could be a bad idea in practice. If passed, it would mean personal information stored by companies like Facebook would be shared with US security forces. To keep our privacy in this new world, would it be the end of social?

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Where CISPA’s Going: Everything You Need to Know

Mashable First things first, it stands for: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act and as Mashable says, it is ‚designed to let private business share information about cybersecurity threats with one another and with the U.S. federal government.‘ The bill is still some way off coming into effect, and indeed it may never do, but passing The House of Representatives is the first step. Time will tell whether or not we will see a similar worldwide demonstration as seen with SOPA.

Facebook Goes Public – How This Decision will affect Facebook and the Overall Stock Market?

Soshable Facebook’s culture of development has been built upon ‚The Hacker’s Way‘ in which it is believed that nothing is ever finished but in constant development. In fact, even the walls at Facebook HQ remind developers that ‚Done is better than perfect‘. With the injection of cash (estimated at $5 billion) comes also an injection of investors, which carries with that a huge diversity of principles. Will Facebook keep hold of the values which have brought it unrivalled success?

YouTube For Google TV Gets Recommendations, Smoother Playback And A +1 Button

Tech Crunch So much has been going on at Google recently that it’s efforts to bring Youtube direct to your TV have fallen under the radar. This week, however, Google released an update for it’s Google TV app making several welcome improvements in playback quality and buffering. Google is doing its darned best to complete the world’s largest ever puzzle, fitting together Google search, Google+, Maps and TV all into one delicious, techy pie.

Guardian Viral Video Chart: One froggy morning, Cage does Cage

The Guardian It’s been a while since we looked at the viral video world. The Guardian provides an eclectic mix of videos for your amusement, including the closest thing to a real-life Kermit, a Nicolas Cage parody mix and this piece of marketing genius from a US based roller-skating park:


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The Panic Over Pinterest

Six Pixels of Separation With all the furore surrounding Pinterest it is very easy to lose sight of perspective. Six Pixels serve up a very level headed approach to defining Pinterest’s unique opportunities. It’s argued that we need to lessen our focus on traditional metrics to gauge its success, though what the alternative options are isn’t clear. The final message is similar to what has been said before – get involved with Pinterest in some way. It’s awesome.

20 Interesting Facts, Figures and Statistics Revealed by Facebook

Jeff Bulla Does anyone else recall 6 months ago when experts around the world announced that Facebook had peaked at 780 million users? As a part of their release of information leading up to the highly anticipated IPO, Jeff Bulla delves into the facts about Facebook which has seen continuous growth – there are now 900 million users worldwide with 3.2 billion Likes and Comments posted daily. Who would be daring enough to say they’ve peaked now?

Interest in Pinterest Reaches a Fever Pitch [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mashable 2.3 billion page impressions to over 4 million unique visitors a day. With reports like that it is little wonder why companies are jumping up and down with eagerness to crack Pinterest. A good place to start is by actually analysing what makes Pinterest so attractive to consumers to start with. Mashable presents an infographic from Tamba which explains just that.

Image Source: Flickr (Analysing Financial Data, Pinspiration)

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