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Newsflash International 10: Google busted, Twitter announces new features

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This week Google made the headlines for the wrong reasons after being caught engaging in questionable practices by the Wall Street Journal. What’s more concerning for users is the reasons explained in their defence. Twitter also grabbed attention with the announcement of new features to help small business owners promote their company on the platform.

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Google Busted With Hand in Safari-Browser Cookie Jar

Wired Google’s questionable approach to tracking our travel through the web came under scrutiny this week. Safari is the only browser to block third-party cookies by default, however Google had exploited loopholes in this security to place tracking cookies on web movement anyway. Worryingly, their rationale was that it was what users really wanted. They also suggest that Apple’s policy goes against usual web best-practice. Since The Wall Street journal exposed the issue, Google have disabled the practice, but seem remorseless in their action.

Coming Soon: Twitter Advertising for Small Businesses

Twitter Blog Twitter continue their business focussed revamp with their latest announcement. As early as March this year, small business owners in the US will be able to use Twitter’s new advertising tools, Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. According to Twitter, it is the small businesses who have adopted and adapted to interaction with their customers in real time using their platform. Twitter have an agreement with American Express to allow their members early access. What effect these new tools will have for increasing business is not certain at this stage.

Five Types of Social Media Influencers

Social Media Today An influencer is an individual or outlet that directly affects the opinions of your company’s target audience. Getting influencers on board with whatever activities your business is active in, social media or otherwise, is a vital component for any campaign. Identifying who your influencers are, and then what to do about it can be a tricky business. Here, Social Media Today, breaks it down into five categories: The networker (Social Butterfly), The opinion leader, The discoverer, The sharer and The User.

RIP Madonna Twitter Trend Appears, Lady Gaga Fans, Will Smith Get Blamed

Web Pro News This is a tale of a calamitous combination of dangerous play on Twitter sparking into a much larger issue than it ever started as. The ignition was caused by a fake Will Smith account posting a picture of Madonna and suggesting that her career is over ‚RIP Madonna. You aren’t dead, but you’re career is (in this picture).‚. Needless to say, the subsequent trending topic was blamed on the real Will Smith, as well as Lady Gaga fans.

The news inspired at least one Youtube user to upload this strongly worded response!


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Beyond Facebook: The Rise Of Interest-Based Social Networks

Tech Crunch Facebook is all the social media we will ever need. While this may be the view of some in the field, the recent rise in popularity of Interest-Based social networks could perhaps paint a different picture. Facebook has always been built on our personal relationships with those around us. PinterestInstagramThumbFoodspotting, and even the very new Fitocracy are all a totally different species of social network, based entirely on our personal interests. Could it be that Facebook’s supremacy is eroded by the very reason why it came to prominence in the first place?

6 Social Media Networks to Watch in 2012 [Plus Infographics]

Jeff Bulla It seems that every week there is a stat about Pinterest which is totally unprecedented. This week it comes courtesy of Jeff Bulla who informs us that Pinterest’s users have grown 4000% during the last 6 months. An utterly staggering amount.

There are also some surprising statistics about Slideshare, which boasts 60million visitors per month and 3 billion slide views in the same time. Maths is not my strong point, but that is an average of 50 slides viewed by each visitor per month. Pretty impressive!

Image Source: Creative Commons (In The Cookie Jar, Twitter)

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