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LookSmart und Furl.net vereint

Das Suchmaschinen-Unternehmen LookSmart hat vor kurzem das Web-Archivierungssystem Furl.net übernommen. Furl erlaubt es, Web-Seiten komplett online zu archivieren und mit anderen auszutauschen. Der Online-Service eignet sich sehr gut für langfristige Hintergrundrecherchen. Jeder Anwender verfügt über 5 Gigabyte freien Speicherplatz.

„The fundamental service is the ability to save what you find online and organize them in a modern way,“ said Mike Giles, Furl’s founder and CEO, who will continue to head up Furl under LookSmart. „There’s been a great deal of attention paid to search, but very little on what to do with that information once you find it, or how to find it again when you need it.“

Furl also provides options to share and discover information via e-mail subscriptions, RSS feeds, blog integration and personalized recommendations. According to Giles, there are no plans to change the service, other than to devote more resources to improving it.“ (ClickZ: LookSmart Acquires Furl)