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Newsflash International 26: Search like it’s 1999!

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The continuous rise in Mobile usage shows no signs of stopping. Marketers worldwide have been forced to split their attention between traditional computer based web-browsing and the mobile web. Are we witnessing the same kind of revolution as we saw in the 90’s/2000’s? Will mobile search overtake it’s traditional counterpart? Google might think so.

Eck Kommunikation is a German company, founded by Klaus Eck, which specialises in Online Reputation Management, as well as in Social Media strategies and structures for businesses. The PR-Blogger regularly offers insights into current Social Media developments, news and trends, as well as Eck Kommunikation’s expert’s analyses of topical Social Media issues.

Google’s Nikesh Arora On Mobile Ads: It’s ‘Where Search Was In 1999′

TechCrunch “Mobile is right now where search was in 1999.” and Google is right at the forefront of mobile innovation, according to TechCrunch’s report in an interview with Nikesh Arora, Senior VP. Do Google have an edge in this ballpark, having succeeded so brilliantly in the search engine race vs Yahoo and (remember this anyone?) Alta Vista. Google may have found Facebook difficult to defeat in the ‚Social Network‘ sphere, but can they get around this roadblock with advanced mobile innovation?

3 Things Facebook Must Improve to Succeed

Mashable The largest user base and record breaking IPO’s aside, is Facebook a success? Yes, I would say so. The CEO of C3 Metrics appears to have a different view in his strongly worded letter of advice to Mark Zuckerberg on Mashable. In his opinion now the most important factor for Facebook is keeping investors happy with development of Video, Mobile and Analytics. Do you agree?

Microsoft’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Decade

TechCrunch An equally pessimistic message for the Tech giants, Microsoft, from TechCrunch. This article lambasts the structure of the company workforce, suggesting that many of the reasons why Microsoft has lost out to Apple and Google can be blamed on poor management. Are the brightest and best turning their noses up? Or has the recent past of Microsoft been a simple blip in its monumental dominance over the past few decades?

10 Tips for Marketing your Business on Pinterest

Jeff Bulla Impusle purchases from Tablets and Smartphones has driven a whole new market for online brands. The phenomenon of Pinterest continues to grow and spawn competitors (such as Here, Jeff gives 10 pieces of invaluable advice for how to drive sales via Pinterest, something Online boutique Boticca has done very successfully, now gaining 10% of sales exclusively from Pinterest. Learn how to best the competition with his easy to follow guide.

What Would a New Facebook ’Want’ Button Mean for Brands?

Mindjumpers Speculation has it that Facebook is in the process of testing a ‚Want‘ button. As opposed to a ‚Like‘ button being clicked, ‚Want‘ signals a stronger intention for purchase, meaning companies can gather more relevant information from their Facebook pages. Perhaps this then paves the way for integrated payment systems attached to the ‚Want‘ button, increasing Facebook’s ecommerce structure.

5 Insights into Global Social Media in 2012 [Infographic]

Jeff Bulla Social Media has hit the mainstream. According to Jeff, for years social networks have been viewed by companies as immature places full of teenagers talking nonsense to each other. Now the networks have matured along with the users. Facebook , Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest are accepted the world over as legitimate advertising routes. Jeff explains the changes which have caused this transition.

Douglas Ackerman Als Gastautor im PR-Blogger tätig.

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