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Blogs sind Viral Marketing vom Feinsten

Zu den wenigen, die mit dem Bloggen erfolgreich kommerzielle Ziele verfolgen, gehört der New Yorker Jason Calacanis. Mit seiner Firma Weblogs Inc betreibt er inzwischen 63 verschiedene Weblogs, die sich in der Regel über Werbung refinanzieren sollen.

"But blogs still have an important role in marketing, says Calacanis, just not from the ‘push’ angle: “Marketers are already very involved in blogs. Bloggers are the top 1-5% of the audience, so if the people on Autoblog.com are saying something about the new Mini Cooper you can bet Mini is watching. The folks on Autoblog are the ones telling their friends what cars are coming out and what deals are available. Marketers live for the mavens… word of mouth is the most important aspect of marketing – period! And blogs are the number one way word of mouth spreads today. That trend will continue, for sure.” (Netimperative)

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