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Erfolgsrezepte des Blog Moguls

Mit seinen zahlreichen Weblog-Angeboten gehört Gawker Media weltweit zu den erfolgreichsten Weblog-Publishern. Nick Denton geht im Independent auf einige Erfolgsrezepte seines Weblog-Universums Gawker Media näher ein:

"The formula behind the Gawker empire, Denton says, is simple: "The one
common theme is to take an obsession, say a gadget obsession, and feed
it – produce more content than the people could ever dream of having or

"Everybody likes to read about themselves, about their worlds," he
says. "As with addicts, the more you give them, the more they want."

"With the internet it is so easy to measure what readers read so
editors get into the habit of producing more stories on proven topics,"
says Denton.

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