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Sind Blogger eigentlich Borgs?

Wer Star Trek kennt, der liebt die Borgs. Sie haben nur ein Ziel: alle lebenden Wesen zu assimilieren. „Jeder Widerstand ist zwecklos“, heißt es im Star Trek-Universum. Manche Blogger(-Trolle) scheinen durchaus vergleichbare Ziele zu verfolgen, zumindest könnte man angesichts mancher Debatten über das Thema Journalismus versus Weblogs diesen Eindruck gewinnen. Bereits 2002 hat John Hiler einen spannenden Beitrag zum Borg Journalismus geleistet, der immer noch lesenswert ist: „We are the Blogs. Journalism will be Assimilated„.

„Blogs relentlessly track down every scrap of news, assimilating it into the Blog Collective hive-mind with stunning efficiency. It doesn’t stop there: individual blogs each add a small insight to the story, drawing on their personal experience and contributing to the conversation. Then the conversation takes over, exploring every possible implication and insight with a ferocity that astounds.

When all is said and done, what is the role of journalists in breaking news? Are journalists relics of a golden era, now useful only as a conduit to pass along the whispers of the hive-mind to the unplugged masses? Or have we been reduced to Stamps of Approval, as we validate blog-based trends with the imprimatur of the New York Times or the Washington Post?“
„But make no doubt: Borg Journalism is a powerful new force that’s helping to redefine what it means to be a journalist. If you write articles for a living, then you ignore weblogs at your own peril.“ (John Hiler)

Wikipedia-Definiton der Borgs:

Borg are humanoids of different races that are enhanced with cybernetic implants, giving them improved mental and physical abilities. The minds of all Borg are connected via implants to a hive, a collective mind, orchestrated by the Borg Queen. According to themselves, the Borg only seek to „improve the quality of life in the universe“ and add to their own perfection. To this end, they travel the galaxy, improving their numbers and advancing by Assimilation (Star Trek) other species and technologies, and forcing captured individuals under the control of the Hive mind by injecting them with nanoprobes. They harbor no ill will to anyone; they merely fulfill their biological or programmatic imperative to assimilate. As they say, „You will be assimilated – resistance is futile.“ They make good on that threat by their ability to quickly adapt to any attack to render it harmless. Thus, any successful defense depends on the ingenuity of the opponent to find a method to stop the Borg completely before they can neutralize it.