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BlogMonitoring kommt III

Ab Januar 2005 bietet Bacon’s Information seinen Kunden einen kostenpflichtigen BlogMonitoring-Service an, der die wichtigsten Weblogs für Business-Entscheidungen berücksichtigen soll. Damit reagiert das Unternehmen auf die gestiegene Bedeutung von Weblogs in der öffentlichen Wahrnehmung:

"The news cycle for a story
sometimes originates from a blog and can on occasion find its way into
the mainstream media," says Ruth McFarland, Senior Vice President and
Publisher for Bacon’s.

"With today’s information overload from
often irrelevant or dubious sources, our aim is to help our clients by
filtering the communications clutter. Bacon’s will therefore focus on
blogs run by reputable, credible professionals. Initially, these will
be blogs of active journalists, but as our in-house researchers
scrutinize and approve additional news-related blogs, we will add to
the scope of our coverage," says McFarland." (Bacon’s)

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