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Zahl der Corporate Blogger

Auf rund 5.000 schätzt David Sifry, Gründer und CEO von Technorati, die Zahl der Unternehmens-Weblogs weltweit. Das sind noch marginale Größenordnungen, zeigt aber auch, welches Potenzial darin noch stecken könnte:

„Today I’ll discuss a small but influential segment of bloggers – Corporate Bloggers. These are people who blog in an official or semi-official capacity at a company, or are so affiliated with the company where they work that even though they are not officially spokespeople for the company, they are clearly affiliated. For example, the folks in SAP’s developers program get blogs if they want them, and are available to anyone who joins the (free) SAP developers network. This group also includes folks at Sun Microsystems and at Microsoft, where employees are actively encouraged to blog.“ (Sifry: Corporate Bloggers)