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Networking via Business Weblog

Wer sich in seinem Business als Blogger hervorhebt, profitiert davon durchaus. Schließlich erleichtert es das Bloggen erheblich, Kontakte zu potentiellen Geschäftspartnern aufzubauen und sich selbst bekannter zu machen:

„The business world’s posting pioneers say blogging helps them network, boost sales, and even lobby — at a fraction of the cost of traditional media. „There’s no fundamental difference between giving a keynote speech in Shanghai in front of 30,000 people and doing a blog read by several million people,“ Schwartz (president and chief operating officer of server maker Sun Microsystems) says. A wider audience isn’t the only potential advantage a blog offers over a speech. A writer can tailor his message to a particular audience on a moment’s notice.“
„Blogs also give execs a chance to tell their side of the story without interference from the media or analysts.“

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